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” Hi Mark, I am very happy with the Mark Birch Trichologist products. My patients have had excellent results when using your products.”

– Dr. Patricia Cahuzac,,

World Leading Expert in Hair Transplants.  MD Dermatologist, FISHRS, “Fellow member, Secretary of French Society for Hair Transplant Surgery, Member of the institute of Trichologist in London.


“As an orthopedic surgeon focusing on prevention of diseases whilst reducing operations, my focus has shifted over the last 15 years into treating the body as a whole using integrated treatments. After meeting Mark Birch, I learned that the hair and scalp is reflecting a lot of diseases and plays an important role in prevention and in integrated treatment. His teachings and his biological treatment line are perfect matches for my clinic group in looking at the body as a whole..”

Professor, Dr. med. Stephan W. J. Becker, MD,

Specialist in orthopedics, Orthopedic surgeon,

Prof. (assoc. Univ. Sherbrooke / Canada)

Fellow of the European Board of Orthopaedics and Traumatology


“In my professional opinion, the Mark Birch range of hair care products 
is the best ever made. After 30 years as a practising trichologist, I 
have not tested any products that meet such high standards.”

Late  Kenneth Price,

Past Chairman of Ethics, Institute of Trichologists; Past 
Chairman of Institute of Trichologists, Past President of the Asian 
Society of Trichologists.

“The hair restorer drops have so far improved the growth of my hair. I
have also seen a vast improvement in its condition, the texture is so
much better.”

Roger Daltrey,

Rock Musician, The Who

“I am very pleased to be using the Mark Birch hair care product range. My clients have had excellent results.”      

  – Gianni Giudicianni,

 One of the most prominent hairdressers in London for nearly 40 years


“I find my hair has improved drastically since I started using your
products. You have a very genuine knowledge of hair care and a great
ability to produce very environmentally friendly products.”

Mike Rutherford,

Rock Musician, Genesis, Mike & The Mechanics

 “I am writing to thank you for all your support and to let you know how
happy I am with your product range.”

Melissa Sharp,

MIT, BABTAC, Trichologist

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About company

We at Mark Birch commit ourselves for sustainable business approach, transparency, quality and professionalism in every single product we create and design and in any aspects of our clinical work.

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The Mark Birch extensive line of products, reconditioning and restoration formulas work to treat the cause of degenerative hair condition problems rather than the symptoms.

Hair & Scalp Care

Today’s hectic lifestyle can impact our hair and scalp health by many different factors: lifestyle, work, stress, pollution, poor diet, lack of exercise, following a bad hair care regime by using junk hair cosmetics just to mention a few.