We have created an assortment of products specially developed for Amazon online purchase.

These products have been professionally formulated for non-pescription consumers and therefore can be purchased directly over the web without the need for a pharmacist or climition.

This assortment is a perfect online introduction to our brand. Formulas will allow you too, prepare the scalp for treatment, to stop further avoidable hair loss and to boost hair growth, Exclusively available to Amazon Customers only.

We would recommend using these variants for 2 to 3 months before moving to the more intensive Pharmacy line. This will give your hair the optimum opportunity for hair regrowth. This assortment is also ideal for heathy Scalp & Hair maintenance post any hair loss treatments.

Use the links below to see more:

Tripple Scalp Therapy Shampoo Shampoo (Amazon)

Protein Hair Conditioner (Amazon)

TR2 Scalp Therapy Lotion (Amazon)

Vitamins & supplements (Amazon)